Write with love
Could you write a note of love?
We are asking for messages of love to send in our donation boxes. As you may know we have been putting notes of love and support in with the clothes we send to people on the refugee road and we want more. Could you help us by creating some?
If you feel happy to add the Arabic translation as well that would be lovely. There are some samples below.
If you want to write a message other than those we've suggested and would like it translated, then we can do that. Please, however, don’t put your name on the message or any religious wording.
If you would like to draw a picture or create a piece of embroidery or sewing, something that would bring joy, that would be amazing! If you are doing something on a piece of cloth, please make sure it can fold up small.
You are not alone لست وحدك
You are loved أنت محبوب
Courage شجاعة
We wish you peace نتمنى لك السلام
We are thinking of you نحن نفكر منكم
You are not forgotten أنت لا تنسى
Please send finished messages to:

Massive Outpouring of Love
c/o St Andrews Parish Hall
27 Brooke St