The MOOL Crew

MOOL is made up of a great Board of Trustees and a wonderful team of volunteers. We’re a friendly bunch, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Here’s who we are and what we look like: [work in progress]

Role Bearers:

Treasurer – Jay Rubinstein,


Jay has worked in publishing, furniture making, teaching, and IT. None of these exactly constituted a career. In between whiles he’s been involved, with varying degrees of usefulness, with a number of community projects.

His move to Dumfries and Galloway more or less coincided with the refugee crisis,  and he was knocked out by the generosity and open-heartedness of people here.

“It has been a privilege to get to know so many inspiring people.”

Secretary – Laura Moodie


Laura is a Mum of four, and long-term community organiser and Green activist, who works for a charity administering community benefit funds. Before that she worked as a freelance writer and a television subtitler for the BBC and Channel 4. She fell into MOOL entirely by accident, having been inspired by the initial collection events and the urge to do something practical to help refugees. As Secretary,  Laura organised the SCIO registration and used her charity experience to set up our policies and structure.

Chair – Roman DePaulitte

Roman has been involved from the beginning of MOOL by default, even since his wife uttered the famous words “I’ve done a thing…”, and the humanitarian movement we have come to know and love was born.


Abdulrahman Jubaji [Bio in progress]


Richard Arkless, MP


Richard has been an amazing supporter of MOOL from day one, and continues to fight for the rights of refugees, displaced persons. He lives in the region with his wife and children.

Huge thanks to former Board members and post holders for all their hard work and valued contributions: Fiona Biddlecombe-Hall, Barbara Hutchinson, Syrah Usman, Kirk Taylor, Demi Powell and Tabitha Mudaliar.

Moxie DePaulitte, who founded the MOOL Movement, is presently Volunteer Co-Ordinator, Education Co-ordinator and general dogsbody. She lives in Dumfries with her husband and three children, and combines her love of the arts, activism and social justice. She also giggles a lot.

Admin Assistant – Lynn Anderson

{Photo to be added}

Lynn’s previous employment background was in Law. After dedicating the last 13 years to her family, garden, and a vast array of crafting pursuits, she came on board as an Admin Assistant – trying to bring order to the beautiful chaos that is MOOL. Lynn has been involved with the organisation from the onset, and was empowered by the opportunity to be proactive in response to the plight of Refugees and Displaced Persons.

Our Volunteers

We have a wonderful motley crew of volunteers who all bring something unique and valued to the MOOL family. There are too many to mention right now, but some photos will be uploaded shortly so you can see their friendly faces!