Thanks to our fantastic volunteers we've been able to launch a number of initiatives to try to help the people being displaced.

If you are a host who's got a matching contact and are wondering why the council haven't been in touch to check your home or PVG status - they aren't at the time of writing, getting information from COSLA. 

Please email   to let them know about your situation. 

The council is working hard to make sure that help and support is available.  You can get a lot of help here

Please take a look through the links below.  If there's information you'd like to see please email

Help for Hosts

This is a page with help, ideas and advice for people who are hosting.

Local Contacts 

We have local contacts/co-ordinators all over Dumfries and Galloway.  You can find your local one here.


Legal information

Legal Resources and Information

Advice on a variety of legal areas.

Financial advice 

Links to advice on banking, benefits etc

Including opening bank accounts without full papers etc

Education, Language, Mental Health

Education, Mental Health and Language Links