Ration Challenge

The lovely Amy from NEST has taken on the Ration Challenge this year to raise funds and awareness during Refugee Week. She’s kindly agreed to share experience as she navigates this process so we can relate a little to what those on the refugee road deal with daily. You can sponsor her via this link:


Amy writes:

“Day 1 ration challenge. It’s only my first day but now at 4 in the afternoon im crashing already.

I didn’t eat anything until gone 3 because I didn’t prepare before hand (lesson 1 learnt)

and who knew rice takes so long to cook.

For my meal I had rice cooked in the kidney bean water (137 grams) a flatbread fried in oil (25gram of flour) and 40 grams of kidney beans. I’ll have the same later tonight (bar cooking in kidney bean water) for my dinner. Then same again for my lunch and dinner for the next couple of days until Wednesday, when I will finally get to try something different (kidney beans only last in the fridge for 3 days once opened).

Surprisingly the portion was bigger than I thought but with it being basically just rice, barely any protein and no vegetables I’m still left with that hungry sickly feeling. My family had McDonald’s and the fries smelled amazing, I was so jealous of their meal. It was a difficult lunch for me it didn’t taste nice at all, I didn’t want to eat it but knew I would regret that later. The flatbread turned out actually really nice despite making the dough wrong and not being able to just add more flour to fix it. I stressed out a lot there im not a good cook so I can feel this week is going to be stressful for me making sure I don’t mess anything up.

Caffeine! Do I need to say anymore? 😩

I had my one tea bag today while out, the kids where munching into a load of fruit. I miss fruit so much already.

I’m definitely feeling my privilege already! I have a kitchen full of food I can’t eat, we are so lucky to have all we do. This one day of feeling stressed, emotional and hungry is daily life for refugees. I’m not looking forward to the rest of the week, I hear day 3/4 is the hardest!

One thing I am thankful for is salt!! If it wasn’t my sponsors I wouldn’t of had any salt this week but I got awarded for it as I reached the £125 target and nearly reaching the £200 mark. £250 I get one vegetable to last me the week so please if you haven’t donated already please do so. Donating does a world of good so far we have raised enough for over a year’s worth of food and three medical visits!! ”