Ration Challenge Day 3

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Amy writes:

Day 3 reflection.

I feel like utter crap, yesterday I felt so bad I didn’t update you all. I had a bad headache all day and just felt tired.

Today’s the same the tiredness is really just to much I have no motivation to do anything. My brain is just not working at all. And im so emotional over everything. I want to sleep all day.

I’m sick of rice! I feel constantly thirsty. I’m bloated. I want real food. I want an orange, mushrooms, tomatoes, a can of ice cold Pepsi straight from the fridge, some protein in an decent quantity.

Honestly the only thing getting me through is the thought that this will be over soon. Refugees don’t have that privilege. This is how they have to live if they are even luckily enough to get a ration pack. Top that with the emotional trauma and stress of having no home, not knowing where their family are, grief of lost family members, and all the trauma of what they have gone through. I honestly don’t know how they continue on.

Things I am thankful for:

• Having so many people already sponsor me- you have helped me out by earning me rewards and more importantly you have helped out the refugees and the worlds poorest of people thank you so so much

• Spinach- having a limited amount of a vegetable has definitely improved how im feeling somewhat today

• garlic and salt- I don’t think I could stomach rice without you

• The fact that I can choose to do this challenge and once the challenge is complete I can choose what food I want to eat. Choice is a massive privilege I will never take for granted again.

Please sponsor to help, together we can provide those in need with food, medical care and education.