Offer of Employment

We’ve had a message from Sasha at Talento about a firm that is keen to employ refugees. 

Shortridge Laundry is a company who has been around for over 100 years.  Sasha O’Neill is recruiting a number of people for Laundry Operative positions on a permanent basis. There are currently 16 members of staff working there. She is part of Talento agency and anyone they recruit will be employed directly by Talento for 6 weeks on a probation period, after this, as long as the employee is happy with the job and the company is happy with their work, they are given a permanent contract employed by Shortridge. They will receive full benefits, holiday pay, pension contribution, sick pay. For the 6 weeks whilst employed by Talento they will be paid by Talento every Friday and once moved over to Shortridge it will be a monthly pay.

They don’t require anything from the recruits other than proof of right to work in the U.K. which they can supply with their share code for the gov website and then standard documents that everyone fills in so they can be paid.

They currently have a couple people in there who have moved to the area and they have happily been a reference for them to gain permanent housing too.

They reached out as I know we have a number of refugees in the area and I can imagine it must be extremely difficult to gain employment for different reasons, language barrier, perhaps lack of experience in industries and some employers just won’t give people the chance. This is a company that loves to give people chances and an opportunity, we have people from all walks of life in there.

If you know anyone who might be interested please get them to email