MOOL in the time of COVID

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Hello, friends!

Hope you are keeping safe and well.

We are sure you will understand that, until further notice, MOOL has closed the Depot until further notice due to health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the work we do is vital, it’s important that we protect our volunteers and friends who come to us for help, so we have switched operations to online and things you can do at home.

We will miss you though, and don’t want you to feel isolated or alone during these tricky times, so we have set up a number of ways to keep us connected.

If you are on Facebook, we have created a page called Sociable Distancing which is packed with ideas, activities, online gatherings, workshops, yoga, educational resources, virtual tours, stress busting techniques, and artistic prompts. For some it’s a way to keep in touch, for others it’s a safe place to have a moan – anything goes! They are categorised so are easy to navigate.

Jay is compiling a list of these resources here – thank you, Jay!

An email has also gone out to volunteers suggesting ways that they can keep helping from home. Ideas include writing the notes of kindness that we put in the clothing we send out; thinking of fundraising ideas; working on the MOOL Banner; making eco friendly sanitary protection; writing to people stuck in isolation; checking in on friends and neighbours, ideas for future events and community engagement. Let your mind go wild!

We also thought it might be nice to write to the families from overseas that we support; just to keep in touch and let them know we are thinking of them.

You can still sign the Begin With A Grin pledge online and get involved with the campaign song – record your own version and send it to us! All the resources are here and the Uke chords will be up soon too.

If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a wide network and there are some great projects that have sprung up which we will work together with to ensure everyone can get shopping, prescriptions, company and reassurance.

We’ve made some graphics that you can put on your FB header if you are self isolating and in need of distraction. Please feel free to download and use them;

PLEASE self isolate / distance if you can. It will help #flattenthecurve and save lives.

PLEASE be kind during these stressful times, hard as it may sometimes be.

PLEASE keep being your amazing selves and keep yourselves safe. We love you. We want to be back together as a family again soon.

On a practical note, we are working closely with local agencies and have applied for funding to help. One aspect of that help is for those affected by the school closures. If we are lucky we will get money to be able to print out all the coursework that is being sent from schools so those who do not have access to a computer or printer at home do not fall behind.

It will also help us run the online support network that we need so very much right now to keep our mental heath in check and us in good spirits.

Anyway, you lovely lot. Stay safe, know that, between us, we have more than enough, and lets hope that this teaches people what is really important in life. That the earth heals and humanity does too.