MOOL is always delighted to come and talk with your school, staff or community group about the refugee crisis in general and the grassroots work that we do.

We have members who have volunteered in camps in Calais and Dunkirk, and others who have been the first point of contact for refugees arriving on rubber boats on the Greek coast, who are willing to share their experiences and insights; as well as members who work tirelessly, locally, collecting and processing aid to help those in need.

We can offer presentations and discussions, both formal and more casual, which shed light on how the crisis originated; explain some of the different misleading terms and ‘statistics’ that are used by the press; challenge some of the negative misconceptions surrounding refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people; and show people how they can become empowered and instigate change. We can tailor these events to suit most audiences and age ranges, please message us for more details.

We also love multicultural gatherings, where we can find out more about each others backgrounds, food and customs so, if you’d like to link with us and help families that have settled locally feel more at home in the community, then please get in touch and, together,  we can create something wonderful!