There are all kinds of ways in which you can help and we're always grateful for new suggestions too.


We'd really love it if you could volunteer with us.  Filling in the form here doesn't mean that you're committing yourself to any amount of time but it does mean that we can send you newsletters and let you know if there's any opportunities that match what you're interested in helping with.

Give us the things you don't need:

The thing we do week after week is sort the donations that generous people give us and pack them into boxes for sending to those who need them so desperately.  You can see what donations we're taking and how to get them to us here.

Donate Money:

We need money to help us send donations overseas to those who need it most.  Full details on how you can get money to us are here.

Write a note of Love:

We want the people our aid reaches to know that we are thinking of them as human beings.  We want to reach out to them with love.  So we try to put notes of love and support in with the clothes we send.  Creating a note is something you can do anywhere and at any time.  You can find out all about how to do this here.