This page is intended to contain help advice and contacts for people hosting Ukrainian guests.

If you are a host who's got a matching contact and are wondering why the council haven't been in touch to check your home or PVG status - they aren't at the time of writing, getting information from COSLA. 

Please email   to let them know about your situation.

COVID-19 vaccine leaflets - available in Ukrainian & Russian
Please note this is not Dumfries and Galloway so people's experience here may differ and we'll adjust this as we
Ukrainians arriving in Scotland have the same entitlements to NHS care as Scotland residents, however individuals may not know how
Full details can be found here.
‼️CULTURAL BACKGROUND‼️for HOSTS/ SPONSORS As there are so many families matching I thought hosts might appreciate a few ideas on
 I would recommend you initially concentrate on Psychological First Aid (PFA)  ‘Prepare, Look, Listen and Link’.  Observing body language is