Donations we'd love!

Don't forget notes of Love - with all the donations - see below -we are always looking for notes of love and support to include with our actual donations.  You can see some examples here.

We're currently looking for the following.


  • New underwear,
  • Sanitary products,
  • All bedding and towels.  I'm afraid we can't take duvets or pillows but clean duvet covers and pillow cases are welcome
  • Things to keep the children occupied. Not plastic toys!  They have stuffed toys but colouring and painting things, plasticine etc all really helpful
  • Children's swimming. costumes.


We will still be really grateful for financial help however.


Refugees in this country are often housed in "hotels" for long periods, during which they can be moved without notice.  They are in constant need of ways to stay in touch with their families and support networks.

  • Luggage - anything larger than a laptop bag
  • Winter Coats
  • Old smartphones - must be unlocked so that we can make sure that none of your data is left on.  It's even better if you've got a charger.


Most of the refugees in France are young men. They are constantly on the move, partly because of oppressive police action which can mean that any items they have are destroyed.

  • Men's clothes - these need to be small or medium sizes in dark colours.  Particularly warm jackets and footwear. They need to be clean and in good condition.
  • Camping equipment - tents, sleeping bags, blankets, rain ponchos, tarpaulins, rucksacks.

Further afield

When possible we send to refugee camps in the Lebanon, Greece (currently closed to humanitarian aid), the Balkans and elsewhere.


Where to bring your wonderful donations?

We're at St Andrews Parish Hall, 27 Brooke St, Dumfries DG1 2JL.  We're normally open on Fridays from 10:30 - 4:00 but there's a great space for leaving donations at other times.

As you go into St Andrew's carpark there's a low metal gate on your right.  There are steps going down behind the gate and you'll find a clearly marked space under cover at the bottom of the steps.


Thank You!

Wondering what else you can give us - Cash!! - I know it's cheeky but we would always be grateful for the odd coin or two if you can spare them. Alternatively you can donate through the paypal button below..