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Depot News

A big thanks to all our MOOL volunteers who continue to get loads done at our Depot.

“Whether you’ve have been in recently or some time ago I want to say how impressed I’ve been with the work people have been doing in carefully sorting and boxing up our donations.  Just as importantly people have been writing notes of love and support and placing them with the clothes.

Jay Rubinstein, Volunteer Co-ordinator

For some time now it has seemed like the depot has been hosting an endlessly growing pile for which we were struggling to find a route to where it was needed. We’re delighted to say that a small load is already on its way to a refugee camp in Serbia with Collective Aid.

Most if not all of the rest of our boxes will shortly be on their way to Syria through Scottish Action for Refugees. They will be taking the clothes which are not suitable for Calais.

However, there’s still lots to do and always scope for new volunteers to join the team. Get in touch to find out more.