Current Arrangements

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This is a particularly difficult time for many people on the refugee road. We’re doing our best to respond to the most urgent needs.

For the time being we’re only taking the following items as donations. This may change as we get the opportunity to send more but for the time being….

For Greece:
Roll on Deodorant
Shower Gel

We need to get these in by 3rd October in order to have them ready to ship South.  It should be said that these things were needed before the dreadful fire at Moria – we are waiting for people on the ground to tell us if there are more things needed in the wake of the fire.  If we do get an updated list, we’ll let you know.

We are also working to get stuff together to send to France.  The situation there is also awful and with there being no festivals this year they are in dire need of tents and camping equipment which the police constantly confiscate or destroy.  We were told recently that the average life of a tent for a refugee is two weeks.  So, for France we’re looking for

For France:
Sleeping Bags
Single Duvets
Men’s small and medium clothing
Men’s shoes

At the depot we have had to limit the number of volunteers we can have working at any one time.  We are keeping the numbers in the sorting area to 7.  As a result, we have set up a rota to ensure that we know who is coming in and are able to tell people if the numbers would be exceeded.  To enable us to get more done we’ve extended the day on Friday to run in two shifts, one from 9 – 11 am and a second from 11 – 1pm

We really do want your help but we also need to keep the numbers in the depot at any one time to safe levels.

In order to limit the numbers in the depot we need to know beforehand if people are coming in to help and which shift they’re volunteering for.  You can either email depot@mool.scot or use Facebook.  Please let us know if which shift you’d like to come in for.

If you go to the page https://www.facebook.com/DGRefugeeAction and click on “Services” you’ll see the two slots available for any given Friday.  Clicking on either and then choosing a slot will bring up a box like the one below.

In either case we’ll confirm as quickly as possible whether there’s space.