Border Crossings

El Salvador

Our EPIC partners The Brink are continuing their journey and had an interesting encounter which sparks many questions around freedom of movement:

“That’s us left Guatemala! Nice easy cycle down to the coast and the sweltering heat, got to the border where we were initially told we had to turn back to Mexico to renew our Central American visa. Eventually, we got someone to agree that we could enter so we now have 7 days to get to the capital to renew it there.

We can’t help but wonder what that interaction would have been like if we had say a Columbian passport…

Watch this space as we will begin editing all the material we have gathered in beautiful Guatemala this week and releasing videos and articles in the following days and weeks. So much beauty in this land and some fascinating perspectives on borders and migration which we had not encountered before.

Also looking forward to what views we might collect here in El Salvador since we are now entering the heart of Central America and the first of the two Central American countries where most migrants are travelling from.”

Find out more on their website (above) or FB page The Brink