The Incomers Film Festival

This year Dumfries and Galloway has really excelled itself to mark Refugee Week’s 20th Anniversary, many different groups have joined forces, and there are a number of high calibre events happening across the region.

One such event is The Incomers Film Festival, which showcases human stories of migration across a range of film genres.

It’s a free, four-day festival which will offer up a wide array of refugee and migrant experiences through the medium of cinema. Screenings will be followed by free refreshments and panel discussions with filmmakers and local migrants.

The films being shown are:

Dirty Pretty Things (2003) and A Journey through River Vitasta (2012)
Glasgow Girls (2014) and Rain is Beautiful (2012)
Once (2007) and Home (2016)
Persepolis (2007) and Supporting Syrians Across Borders (2017)
Calais Children: A Case to Answer (2017) and At Home in the World (2015)
An American Tail (1986)
District 9 (2009) and The New Colossus (2017)

All tickets are FREE to make sure this festival is truly open to anyone who wants to come. There’s even assistance with transport and childcare to help if those things would make it difficult to attend.  Please spread the word and email any queries you may have to

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More information can be found here.