A Change to Opening Hours


Hello, MOOLigans. We’ve been working away behind the scenes here at MOOL HQ to try and see how we can improve things and make life better for everyone involved in our organisation.

To this end, starting with immediate effect, we will be trialling new opening hours at the depot. For a wee while, we will be opening on Monday’s only from 9.30am – 1pm to see if that makes better use of all our time and energies. We still hope you’ll come and join us each week – nothing will change apart from the days and times – as we love seeing you and really appreciate all the hours you have donated so far.

Also please note that we are currently packing and stacking to Calais requirements, so will be making changes to the sorting area to reflect this, and smooth out the process.

If there is an urgent need for aid, or you have a huge pile of donations that just can’t wait, then please get in touch and we will arrange to open up by appointment.

Thanks for your understanding and, as always, your feedback is thoroughly appreciated!