Now We Are Three…

MOOL turned three yesterday (September 1st). Shall we have a party? I think it’s something worth celebrating, (even though, some days, I wish I’d never started the bloody thing) as it’s quite an achievement all told.

Stocks are very low in France. In particular men’s small and medium clothing so, if you are having a clear out, please keep us in mind. There’s also still urgent need for blankets, sleeping bags, shelter, SNUG packs, new underwear, toiletries l, and financial aid to help transport donations and support organisations on the ground.

If you fancy lending a hand then please do. If you have a van and fancy a road trip, or if you’d lend it to us, then please get in touch. You might even be loaded and want to buy us one then tax and insure it! Rest assured, we won’t be insulted 😉

If you fancy getting us a present then there’s a donation link on the page, but just sharing our posts helps more than you know.

The crisis is far from over, the authorities are just better at hiding the reality at the moment.