Monday Magic!

You marvellous MOOLigans sent off a packed lorry load to the camp in Arsal via the wonderful Edinburgh Direct Aid last week (photos to follow), which leaves us with loads of space to fill and some reshuffling to be done!

As the cold is setting in and the situation in France is dire, we’ll be focusing our efforts on packing for Calais and Dunkirk for the foreseeable and hope to get as much as possible ready for the ever incredible James from CRAG to collect from us on the 10th before he heads over.

The packing guidelines are very different but we’re an adaptable bunch and already have procedures in place so don’t be daunted! We also need to concentrate on collecting mainly men’s clothing, boots, blankets and sleeping bags, as that’s what’s in highest demand. We’d also like to make sure the pockets are filled with our trademark notes too, so come along and write if you can’t stand for long. It’s all appreciated.

Maybe see you soon? Any help you can offer is amazing!