Guest Blog – National Organising Week!


We LOVE having guest bloggers here at MOOL HQ and so were delighted when Mel and Kate, who donated their time to come and help sort out the depot, agreed to write a few words about their experience with us. It was lovely to spend the day with them and they knocked things into shape with a smile. We can’t thank them enough!

When two professional organisers met MOOL!

When we put a note on Facebook a few weeks ago asking if any local charities needed some organising assistance, little did we know what we were getting ourselves in to!  Moxie quickly responded to our Facebook request, and our adventure with MOOL began!

November 6-12 was National Organising Week in the UK, a week-long event to enthuse and encourage people around the country to get organised, co-ordinated by the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO). As new businesses and members of APDO, we were keen to mark the week by donating a day of our time to a local charity.

So on Thursday 9th November, we arrived at the depot on a beautiful sunny morning, excited to be able to volunteer our organising skills to the MOOL cause.  As soon as we entered the depot and met Moxie, we were hooked! What an amazing place – the spirit of MOOL is right there as soon as you walk in the door, and it was infectious. Moxie showed us around the depot and it quickly became apparent that MOOLigans are a pretty organised bunch already.  The sorting process is a sight to behold – not only is it a great system, but we were impressed with labelling, measuring tape on each station and the huge pile of donated boxes ready and waiting to be filled.

We moved on the despatch area and got stuck in organising packed boxes for a collection the following day, heading to Calais. It was a privilege to arrange so many donations, knowing that in 48 hours’ time they would be in France and the contents keeping people warm. Then we organised the remaining boxes into sections for easy despatch next time a delivery is scheduled – men’s, women’s, children and babies.







The rest of our time was spent clearing out and organising the store room by the sorting area. Wow – how many lovely raffle gifts and crafting projects are there ready to raise funds! We sorted the room so that raffle gifts, crafts, cleaning and DIY supplies, and the all-important food supplies were organised, labelled and more accessible to MOOLigans.

Thank you so much for having us MOOL – it was an absolute honour to be part of your ranks for the day, and we can’t wait to come back again soon and get stuck in!

If you’d like the ladies to come and work their magic, you can contact them directly:

Mel Carruthers (from Dumfries professional organising company More Organised)  FB: @MoreOrganised  IG: @more_organised

Kate Galbally (from Glasgow professional organising & PA company Better Organised)   FB: @betterorganised  IG@betterorganised

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch and share your story; they are always great to read!