Breadline Kids

Many of you were moved to tears by the BBC Scotland’s Documentary “Breadline Kids”. It really threw a spotlight on the devastating poverty that far too many people are living in right under our noses, and made people want to take action to help.

MOOL has helped support this lovely family since they arrived in the area, along with other wonderful organisations like First Base, and we’d love to continue helping them & other people that find themselves in desperate need.

We’ve spoken to Christiana and financial donations would be of most help right now, in order for them to keep a roof over their head, pay bills, and help John go on an upcoming school trip. A small freezer would also be helpful.

If you could donate any amount, it would be gratefully received. Once we’d covered their immediate needs then we’d direct any excess monies to other people in similar circumstances here in Dumfries and Galloway. If you need help yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you have food to donate, please contact First Base. If you can donate furniture, household items and clothing then please contact us and we’ll get it to where it needs to go. Many thanks!

There’s a link to the episode on the donation page.