Volunteer Meeting

We want to get as many of our wonderful volunteers together to talk about the ways in which we can work together to improve and extend MOOL. There are all sorts of areas in which we can improve and you are the people we need to hear from!

One of the important areas concerns people who can’t often get into Dumfries to help at the depot and our meeting is likely to be in Dumfries so, please, if you can’t make the meeting put your ideas in a comment below or email jrubinstein@mool.scot

Some topics we’d like to look at include:
o How we can make volunteering more interesting, rewarding and enjoyable?
o How people can help from across the region or from their own homes (as noted above!)?
o Can you suggest helpful activities we haven’t explored?
o Could we improve our social media presence?
o How can we keep you and our other volunteers in touch with our activities without bombarding you with emails?
o How can we combat unpleasant attitudes and encourage a more welcoming community?
o Fundraising – it is a necessary part of being a charity!

It would be useful if you could let us know if you’re coming (to ensure ample supplies of refreshments if nothing else!). Please email jrubinstein@mool.scot

Thank you!


If you’ve been into the depot at any time in the past six months you will have met Lynn, our amazing administrator.  She has transformed the office at MOOL HQ to a thing of efficiency, delight and laughter.

She took a well-earned holiday recently and took time out to visit the Mobile Refugee Support crew in Calais.  Her report makes it clear just how valuable and important their work is and the challenging conditions they work under.  We were delighted to know that the contribution we sent will make a real difference.


Taste of Syria

This is going up a little late but I think it’s worth it anyway. Caroline Yates organised a fantastic event at the Wigtown Book Festival. Entitled “A taste of Syria” we had a wonderful selection of food provided by Mohammed (one of the resettled refugees) and in addition to some great poetry from a number of poets we had an Arabic poem produced by Abdulrahman who had also provided an English translation. You can see a brief extract below.

Could you introduce people to a social activity group?

Do you belong to any kind of activity group and if so would you be happy to introduce a refugee or asylum seeker to them? Maybe you fish, maybe you draw, maybe you play bingo, do yoga or swim? What we want is to get a list of activities which we can offer to our new families (and those who’ve been here a while) with a friendly face prepared to introduce them.  If you can help please email me – jrubinstein@mool.scot – preferably with a bit of information about the group and the activity and the area you live in.

Many thanks!

2016 Poem

This year, a landscape
Strange, quaked and scarified
The softer, greener, ground we thought we knew
Seems stripped away
As if by detonation.
Were those cliffs always there
Standing, stark
Knife-edged against the sky?

None of us are whole, unscarred
None of us fear-free
We are wounded but our wounds are strength
Together we can step in broken beauty
And carry hope into this jagged space.