Border Crossings

El Salvador

Our EPIC partners The Brink are continuing their journey and had an interesting encounter which sparks many questions around freedom of movement:

“That’s us left Guatemala! Nice easy cycle down to the coast and the sweltering heat, got to the border where we were initially told we had to turn back to Mexico to renew our Central American visa. Eventually, we got someone to agree that we could enter so we now have 7 days to get to the capital to renew it there.

We can’t help but wonder what that interaction would have been like if we had say a Columbian passport…

Watch this space as we will begin editing all the material we have gathered in beautiful Guatemala this week and releasing videos and articles in the following days and weeks. So much beauty in this land and some fascinating perspectives on borders and migration which we had not encountered before.

Also looking forward to what views we might collect here in El Salvador since we are now entering the heart of Central America and the first of the two Central American countries where most migrants are travelling from.”

Find out more on their website (above) or FB page The Brink

Wonderful Workshop Outcome Updates

Thank you again for coming along to the Improving Volunteering workshop. It was a really useful session and we are very grateful.

There were so many great ideas that we have had to break down the notes into 4 documents!

Let us know what you thing and if you’d like to be involved.


Issues raised at the volunteer Meeting

Issues raised at the volunteer Meeting – things that people felt we could improve or that held people back.

Ideas for volunteering – Ideas for new volunteering opportunities or extensions to what we do.

Media Ideas – Ideas for ways in which we can do better at getting our message our there

Fundraising Ideas – Ways in which we can raise funds and help us achieve more.

Wonderful Workshop!


On Saturday 2nd February we held our Improving Volunteering workshop, where we invited established volunteers alongside those who were curious about the organisation to look at ways in which we could make volunteering better for those involved and how we could provide a better service for those who we support.

We had a fantastic turnout and lots of great ideas buzzing around.

It’s not too late to get your ideas to us – especially ways in which you can help from home if getting into Dumfries is a barrier to you getting involved.

One aspect that we are keen to get back up to speed is the Unity Banner Project.

Whether you are happy to help by cutting fabric to size and making up Project Packs, or if you’d like to create a banner patch yourself. Please keep an eye out for our Project Page which we are currently developing: Click Here

*Our Volunteer Coordinator, Jay, has processed the results of the day. Please find them here.


Welcomers Wanted!

Do you have what it takes to help someone new to D&G find their feet? If so, we’d love to hear from you. For more info or to register your interest please message

Volunteers Wanted to Welcome Newcomers

Amazing New Project.

Header pic


We have partnered with this fabulous duo at as they journey through Central America getting to the real heart of the migration situation as they link up with those on the road.

In their own words:

“The Brink is a dynamic, fiercely independent, not-for-profit media platform dedicated to sharing real stories about migration, borders and freedom. Our two-person strong team of reporters is currently on the move, cycling through Central America, collecting personal stories and news along the way. If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

We’re super proud to be associated with this project and the amazing work they are doing. Go give ’em some love!

Facebook Link here

What a week!

It’s been a pretty amazing week for us; a little overwhelming truth be told.

Local MSP Joan McAlpine spoke very highly of Massive Outpouring of Love at Scottish Parliament (see here) during Refugee Week.

MOOL has done so much to humanize the refugee crisis and makes a real difference to refugees here in Scotland and farther afield.

“Volunteers have been galvanising people to take action by visiting schools to talk to children and offering training to multi-agency groups. They have also welcomed a number of refugee families to Dumfries and Galloway, where they are assigned befrienders to offer support and to act as a buffer between the families and the bureaucracy that they will inevitably face on their arrival. Refugee women and children from Glasgow have also been welcomed to heal in the countryside.

“Making the transition from a war-torn country to life in rural Scotland cannot be easy, but the goal is to help it to happen as gently as possible. MOOL wants people who have been displaced to be welcomed everywhere and have consistent access to resources and support that they need to feel safe, be healthy and thrive. It is an important force in Dumfries and Galloway and it encourages communities and helps people in need.”

Thanks for the love, Joan!

We partnered with other local organisations to help bring a highly successful Refugee Film Festival to the region: Incomers; which showed a variety of films paired with Q&A sessions.

Then Moving Stories premiered at The Theatre Royal on June 19th and went on to perform at The Print Room, Wigtown; The Soul of WoMen Conference at Allanton, and Cresset Hall, Loch Arthur.

Not only were the Moving Stories Community Choir and performance filmed for Border News (watch tonight from 6pm), the audience were profoundly moved and we received some incredible feedback and reviews, some of which you can see on our Moving Stories Facebook page.

We’d love to develop the piece more so watch this space…

In addition we cleared out the depot to create more space, and recruited some lovely new Trustees, so keep an eye out for some exciting new developments!

Of course, we continue to collect, sort and distribute aid; fundraise and educate, so please think of us if you have spare stuff or spare time! We need your help to keep helping others!

Moving Stories is Moving Fast!

Moving Stories is certainly picking up pace! We are a few weeks (well, a few Monday evenings!) into rehearsal now and it’s sounding amazing thanks to the dedication of the choir and the genius of Lucy Renwick and Kate Howard.

We’ve had photo shoots, more interviews, meetings round kitchen tables, late nights, tears, a few moments of sheer magic which have reminded us just why we do things like this again, and so much support from across the region – and for all of it we are truly grateful.

We also have a shiny new poster – look! Designed by the fabulous Ellen at EM Designs.

All we need now is you guys to spread the word and come along! Flyers will be available if you’d be so kind as to distribute them far and wide. We can post them out to you or we might be able to arrange to give them to you if you’ll be anywhere near a choir member.

It’s all very exciting!

Performances are:

Tuesday 19th June at The Theatre Royal, Dumfries. 7.30pm

Friday 22nd June at The Print Room, Wigtown. 7.30pm

Saturday 23rd June as part of the Soul of WoMan Conference at Allanton Peace Sanctuary approx 1.30pm (Please note this performance is for conference ticket holders only.)

Saturday 23rd June at Cresset Hall, Loch Arthur Camphill Community. 7.30pm

8th July at Lochside Gala (time tbc)

Please contact venues directly for tickets and prices.

It’s important to us that cost is not a barrier so we have set aside a few tickets for those who need them. Please contact in confidence if this would help, and we’ll arrange for you to collect them at the door. No one need know. 

There are lots more events happening during Refugee Week across the region. Keep your eye out for more details coming soon!