Great workshop with LGBT Youth

Saturday saw a great morning workshop with Julie-Ann Lyons from LGBT Youth, looking at how to safely challenge misconceptions, stereotypes and misunderstandings. Great information from Julie-Ann and some fascinating discussions about how this information could be used as the “MOOL in Schools” project gets underway.

Get involved: we’re in the early stages of developing a programme spreading the message of MOOL in schools and other local community settings. The more the merrier – so if you’re interested in getting involved email

Calling Stall holders & Sponsors!

Artisan friends, assemble! Tell your chums too. This event will be held at The Y Centre, Lochside Road, Dumfries. It’s a fun festival to give all the community an excuse to come together and celebrate!

There’s a special offer in place if you book a table and take a sponsorship deal too. Get in touch for more details.

Celebrate Eid al Fitr with us!

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MOOL are holding a Community Peace Festival at The Y Centre, Lochside, Dumfries to celebrate Eid al Fitr (the end of Ramadan) and we’d love you to join us. This free, family event is open to all, and a whole load of fun is set to be had. More details as the event evolves, but please get in touch if you can help our or have a great idea!

Exact times and details tbc. See our posts for updates.

We’re aware this is also Eden weekend so lots of you will have prior commitments but please keep us in your thoughts and share, share, share!

Want to help? We are looking for cooks, entertainers, stewards, runners, sponsors and folk willing to just roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to set up, de-rig and help the day run smoothly! Contact if you can lend a hand!

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Border Crossings

El Salvador

Our EPIC partners The Brink are continuing their journey and had an interesting encounter which sparks many questions around freedom of movement:

“That’s us left Guatemala! Nice easy cycle down to the coast and the sweltering heat, got to the border where we were initially told we had to turn back to Mexico to renew our Central American visa. Eventually, we got someone to agree that we could enter so we now have 7 days to get to the capital to renew it there.

We can’t help but wonder what that interaction would have been like if we had say a Columbian passport…

Watch this space as we will begin editing all the material we have gathered in beautiful Guatemala this week and releasing videos and articles in the following days and weeks. So much beauty in this land and some fascinating perspectives on borders and migration which we had not encountered before.

Also looking forward to what views we might collect here in El Salvador since we are now entering the heart of Central America and the first of the two Central American countries where most migrants are travelling from.”

Find out more on their website (above) or FB page The Brink

Wonderful Workshop Outcome Updates

Thank you again for coming along to the Improving Volunteering workshop. It was a really useful session and we are very grateful.

There were so many great ideas that we have had to break down the notes into 4 documents!

Let us know what you thing and if you’d like to be involved.


Issues raised at the volunteer Meeting

Issues raised at the volunteer Meeting – things that people felt we could improve or that held people back.

Ideas for volunteering – Ideas for new volunteering opportunities or extensions to what we do.

Media Ideas – Ideas for ways in which we can do better at getting our message our there

Fundraising Ideas – Ways in which we can raise funds and help us achieve more.