Volunteer Meeting

We want to get as many of our wonderful volunteers together to talk about the ways in which we can work together to improve and extend MOOL. There are all sorts of areas in which we can improve and you are the people we need to hear from!

One of the important areas concerns people who can’t often get into Dumfries to help at the depot and our meeting is likely to be in Dumfries so, please, if you can’t make the meeting put your ideas in a comment below or email jrubinstein@mool.scot

Some topics we’d like to look at include:
o How we can make volunteering more interesting, rewarding and enjoyable?
o How people can help from across the region or from their own homes (as noted above!)?
o Can you suggest helpful activities we haven’t explored?
o Could we improve our social media presence?
o How can we keep you and our other volunteers in touch with our activities without bombarding you with emails?
o How can we combat unpleasant attitudes and encourage a more welcoming community?
o Fundraising – it is a necessary part of being a charity!

It would be useful if you could let us know if you’re coming (to ensure ample supplies of refreshments if nothing else!). Please email jrubinstein@mool.scot

Thank you!

Happy Birthday to us!

What a busy time we’ve had! There’s so much to catch up on. We’ve appointed a Volunteer Coordinator and a Depot Manager; done masses of outreach; sorted tonnes of aid and turned THREE on September 1st.

Little did we know when we started that Massive Outpouring of Love would continue to grow and flourish – and that’s all down to the support of our amazing volunteers.

On Sunday 7th October we are having a joint celebration at The Family Centre in Lochside and we’d love for you to join us.


🍁🍂 We are delighted to invite you to join us in celebrating our amazing volunteers and our THIRD birthday, as we gather at The Family Centre in Lochside, for a pot luck meal, chat, music and laughter. It will be a wonderful opportunity to welcome our new friends who have moved to Dumfries more recently, and for them to meet and mingle with those of us who have made Dumfries our home. We’ll be handing out this years MOOL Spirit Awards too. 🍂🍁

If possible, please bring a 🌱vegetarian or vegan 🌱 dish to share and it’s important that you write down a list of all the ingredients so that we can confidently cater for allergies! It’s Don’t fret if you can’t though, still come! – there’ll be plenty to share.

The party is family friendly and alcohol free but please bring soft drinks if you so desire. It would also help the clean up if you brought your own crockery, cutlery and cups but, if not, there will be spares!

If you’d like to help behind the scenes on the day we’d love a hand to make the place look pretty and clean up afterwards.

Sunday 7th October, 4:30 for 5pm / 8pm finish (as there’s school in the morning!)

All welcome but please either RSVP via PM or email hello@mool.scot so we have an idea how many chairs to put out 😉

🎵 We’ve had some wonderful offers from some brilliant musicians so you might want to put your dancing shoes on too! 🎵

Car sharing is hugely encouraged so don’t be shy and post below if you have spare seats or need a ride!

See you there!”

Here’s the link to the Facebook event:

click me!

Please RSVP to hello@mool.scot

Exciting Event!

Coming up on September 22nd is an amazing opportunity to hear acclaimed children’s author Cathy Cassidy talk about her new book ‘Sami’s Silver Lining’, purchase copies and get them signed by her! All right here in Dumfries. How fab is that?

She has generously donated her fee to MOOL and the Theatre Royal is donating 70% of its box office.

Let’s make sure people know about this. If you can get the message into your local primary school that would be great. If you want a poster to print, message the page or send Carolyn Yates your email or postal address and she’ll send you a printable one or post you one.

Thank you!

Event link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1814908988627215/?ti=icl

Now We Are Three…

MOOL turned three yesterday (September 1st). Shall we have a party? I think it’s something worth celebrating, (even though, some days, I wish I’d never started the bloody thing) as it’s quite an achievement all told.

Stocks are very low in France. In particular men’s small and medium clothing so, if you are having a clear out, please keep us in mind. There’s also still urgent need for blankets, sleeping bags, shelter, SNUG packs, new underwear, toiletries l, and financial aid to help transport donations and support organisations on the ground.

If you fancy lending a hand then please do. If you have a van and fancy a road trip, or if you’d lend it to us, then please get in touch. You might even be loaded and want to buy us one then tax and insure it! Rest assured, we won’t be insulted 😉

If you fancy getting us a present then there’s a donation link on the page, but just sharing our posts helps more than you know.

The crisis is far from over, the authorities are just better at hiding the reality at the moment.

What a week!

It’s been a pretty amazing week for us; a little overwhelming truth be told.

Local MSP Joan McAlpine spoke very highly of Massive Outpouring of Love at Scottish Parliament (see here) during Refugee Week.

MOOL has done so much to humanize the refugee crisis and makes a real difference to refugees here in Scotland and farther afield.

“Volunteers have been galvanising people to take action by visiting schools to talk to children and offering training to multi-agency groups. They have also welcomed a number of refugee families to Dumfries and Galloway, where they are assigned befrienders to offer support and to act as a buffer between the families and the bureaucracy that they will inevitably face on their arrival. Refugee women and children from Glasgow have also been welcomed to heal in the countryside.

“Making the transition from a war-torn country to life in rural Scotland cannot be easy, but the goal is to help it to happen as gently as possible. MOOL wants people who have been displaced to be welcomed everywhere and have consistent access to resources and support that they need to feel safe, be healthy and thrive. It is an important force in Dumfries and Galloway and it encourages communities and helps people in need.”

Thanks for the love, Joan!

We partnered with other local organisations to help bring a highly successful Refugee Film Festival to the region: Incomers; which showed a variety of films paired with Q&A sessions.

Then Moving Stories premiered at The Theatre Royal on June 19th and went on to perform at The Print Room, Wigtown; The Soul of WoMen Conference at Allanton, and Cresset Hall, Loch Arthur.

Not only were the Moving Stories Community Choir and performance filmed for Border News (watch tonight from 6pm), the audience were profoundly moved and we received some incredible feedback and reviews, some of which you can see on our Moving Stories Facebook page.

We’d love to develop the piece more so watch this space…

In addition we cleared out the depot to create more space, and recruited some lovely new Trustees, so keep an eye out for some exciting new developments!

Of course, we continue to collect, sort and distribute aid; fundraise and educate, so please think of us if you have spare stuff or spare time! We need your help to keep helping others!

Moving Stories – Loch Arthur

It’s the last chance to see Moving Stories tonight. The previous shows went astonishing well and garnered really lovely reviews, so don’t miss out! 7:30pm Cresset Hall, Loch Arthur Camphill Community.

£10/6 on the door. Don’t let cost put you off though, there are a few free tickets available for anyone who might find cost a barrier.

MOOL Community Survey

We’ve had an incredible response to our Community Survey, but we’d love to hear from more of you!

Have you got five minutes of your time that you could donate? Maybe you deserve a quick cuppa, so go make one, come back, and click this link…

It’s vital that we get as many views as possible so we can see where we are as a region, what our strengths are and what work needs to be done.

Go on, grab yourself a cuppa… then repost this!


Eden 2018

Are you Eden bound this weekend? If so, hope you have a fabulous festival. Keep your eyes out for our lovely MOOL Crew who will be hosting our outreach stall. Pop by and say hi – maybe even write a note of love to send overseas, or grab yourself a shiny MOOL pen!

We might also have sweets.*

*Not yet confirmed.

The Incomers Film Festival

This year Dumfries and Galloway has really excelled itself to mark Refugee Week’s 20th Anniversary, many different groups have joined forces, and there are a number of high calibre events happening across the region.

One such event is The Incomers Film Festival, which showcases human stories of migration across a range of film genres.

It’s a free, four-day festival which will offer up a wide array of refugee and migrant experiences through the medium of cinema. Screenings will be followed by free refreshments and panel discussions with filmmakers and local migrants.

The films being shown are:

Dirty Pretty Things (2003) and A Journey through River Vitasta (2012)
Glasgow Girls (2014) and Rain is Beautiful (2012)
Once (2007) and Home (2016)
Persepolis (2007) and Supporting Syrians Across Borders (2017)
Calais Children: A Case to Answer (2017) and At Home in the World (2015)
An American Tail (1986)
District 9 (2009) and The New Colossus (2017)

All tickets are FREE to make sure this festival is truly open to anyone who wants to come. There’s even assistance with transport and childcare to help if those things would make it difficult to attend.  Please spread the word and email any queries you may have to catherine.dodds@glasgow.ac.uk

Book your seats now via www.rbcft.co.uk

More information can be found here.